Visit from Ayya Tathāloka

2016/17 Visit

During this time, Ayya Tathālokā stayed at Ayya Adhimutti’s parents house (Dhammatiriya Monastery was not yet in existence) and researched and wrote this essay on the history of the modern revival of the Theravada Bhikkhuni Sangha. Anumodana to Ayya Adhimutti’s family, Dushyanti and Penelope, and the many dedicated friends that made this auspicious event possible.

Photos from the time together.

2012 Visit

Here are some photos from the first auspicious visit of Ayya Tathaaloka to Aotearoa. During this time the dream to create a bhikkhuni monastery in New Zealand was born. Anumodana to Ayya Adhimutti’s parents, sister and brother in law for their support of the requisites during this time, and also to Alison Hoffmann who contributed very generously on many levels to making this time possible. We are grateful to the Mahamudra Centre for their warm welcome and accommodation. And for the very inspiring visit, at the invitation of Venerable Pho Nghiem to Dharmagaia. Also to be thanked and appreciated are Ian and Alicia Melrose who provided accommodation and much needed medical attention in Belmont, Lower Hutt and Margaret Gordon, who offered her Paekakariki beach house for an overnight stay on the journey down to Wellington.

Time at the Mahamudra Centre in Coromandel

Time at Raurimu, Central Plateau. We stayed at Ayya Adhimutti’s sister and brother in law’s house, and Ayya Tathālokā dedicated herself to some valuable bhikkhuni Vinaya research.